Visual glossary of French, Russian and English terms relating to fashion used in Eugene Onegin. 

A Boa and a Ливрей

Boa (Боа): a French term, indicating a collar or scarf traditionally made from fur or fabric  (8, XXX, 199).


Bolivar: A Top Hat

Bolivar: a popular style of top hat, often black in color; identified by a wide brim and smaller cylindrical top portion  (1, XIII-XIV, 10). 

Breguet: A Pocket Watch

Breguet (Часы): a popular and stylish watch brand, often worn by London 'dandies'  (1, XIII-XIV, 10). 

A London Dandy

Dandy: a gentleman that considers his appearance particularly important; often referring to a well-dressed, but self-absorbed man. His surly demeanor characterized a sort of rebellion against the lack of originality in the French fashions popular amongst Russian elites  (1, IV, 6), (1, XXIV, 15), (7, XXIII, 167), (7, XLIX, 179).

A Fop

Fop: similar to a dandy; a gentlemen excessively concerned with his appearance  (5, XXVI, 121).

Fashions of Toilette: Pantaloons, Frock, and Жилет

Frock (Фрак): a large outer garment or smock  (1, XXVI, 16).

Fur Coats: Шуба

Fur Coat (Шуба): a Russian term describing an entire coat made of fur (1, XXII, 14).

Fashion's Dressing Room

Gilet (Жилет): a waistcoat typically buttoned over a shirt (1, XXVI, 16), (7, LI, 180). 

Double Glass: Лорнет

Lorgnette (Лорнет): a pair of glasses connected to a long handle, used by spectators to view theatre or opera productions. During the XIX century, 'Lorgnette theatre culture' was a French term that described the prevelance of theatre and opera in society  (1, XXI, 13), (7, L, 180) (7, LI, 180).

A Boa and a Ливрей

Ливрея: a Russian term to describe the official clothing for men of the tsar  (8, XXX, 199). 

Fashions of Toilette: Pantaloons, Frock, and Жилет

Pantaloons (Панталоны): a form of men’s trousers, often very fitted to the hips and legs  (1, XXVI, 16). 

Sash: Kушак

Sash (Кушак): a long piece or band of fabric wrapped around the waist; usually made from lighter materials (e.g. silk)  (5, II, 109).


Consequence of a Cap (<em>Шлафор</em>)

Shlaforлафор): a French term referencing a cap, often worn as part of traditional Russian headwear (2, XXXIII, 51).


Shoe of the People of Nature

Shoes of the People of Nature (Лапти): traditional Russian footwear, most frequently worn by the peasantry  (7, VII, 160).

Fashions of Toilette: Pantaloons, Frock, and Жилет

Toiletteуалет): the process of dressing in fashionable or stylish clothing  (1, XXVI, 16). 

High London Couture

Vulgar: in reference to the ordinary people in society, or the masses  (8, XV, 192).


Traditional Men&#039;s Robe: Халат

Халат: a robe or shlafrock (шлафрок) often worn with a шлафор, used to represent a vision of home life (2, XXXIV, 51), (6, XXXVIII, 150).