Elizabeth LaFave: creator of the exhibit, 'Word as Image in 1820s Imperial Russia' in coordination with the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URCA) Awards. Majors include: Biochemistry (BS), Chemistry (BS), History (BA) and a Russian Studies interdisciplinary minor, Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, East Carolina University.

Dr. Elena Murenina: mentor of the project, 'Word as Image in 1820s Imperial Russia', advisor for 19th Century Russian Literary & Cultural HistoryAssociate Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures Department (THCAS). Director of the Russian Studies Interdisciplinary Program (THCAS) at East Carolina University.

Dr. Irina Swain: lead Omeka advisor. Educational Technology Consultant, Foreign Languages and Literatures Department (THCAS) at East Carolina University. 

Laurie Godwin: ITCS consultant. Director of the University Multimedia Center (UMC) at East Carolina University.

Angela Dresselhaus: copyright advisor. Head of Electronic Resources at Joyner Library of East Carolina University. 

Special thanks to Angie Dodson of Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens (Washington, DC) for allowing me to use portraits from their Middleton Watercolor Album, from the winter-spring of 2017 exhibit, “Friends and Fashion: An American Diplomat in 1820s Russia".