'Word' as 'Image' in 1820's Imperial Russia

"Word as Image in 1820s Imperial Russia" is a digital exhibit linking the original literary source, Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, with a visual glossary of wardrobe references through showcasing the visual potential of the text. Such a digital guide can be used as the most efficient learning tool to benefit students and instructors in Russian studies, and has the possibility to serve as the foundation for future students to expand and enhance. 

How does the canonical text “reveal” the sociocultural significance and symbolism of fashion in Imperial Russia, and how the comprehension of Pushkin's fashion-related 'word' choices is able to enrich the understanding of the XIX century text for our comtemporary readers?  

The authenticity of the digital display demonstrates the correlation between the fashion world and this literary masterpiece, further analyzing both historical accuracy and literary reasoning. Utilizing interdisciplinary methods to employ concepts from disciplines of literary criticism, cultural studies and art history, this project provides a link between the digital and literary scopes of analysis by relating period fashion trends to social hierarchy and characterization in Eugene Onegin.